Subsea Survey - serving the maritime community

Fáilte ar bórd. Le fáil anseo is ea eolas ar ár seiribhsí, báid, earraí crua agus bogearraí chun cabhair a thabairt chun do obair sruibhaí a críochnú go rathúil.

Earraí crua:


   Subsea Survey has inhouse ROVs, sidescan sonars, magnetometers, ROV-mounted scanning sonars and of course boats ready to provide immediate underwater survey/inspection capability. In reserve we have a number of suppliers we have grown with over the year who can add addition capability at short notice.    We provide this equipment service around the Irish coast, and Irelands rivers, resevoirs and lakes.

Additionally with our PLC experience we can help with the installation and calibration of electro, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic sensors.


   We are the official Irish supplier for LYYN underwater image enhancing hardware.


   We are the official Irish supplier for Eye4Software hydrographic sirvey software.

   We are users of Teledyne Reson / Caris software and can help with your requirements.

Please contact us for your needs.

We install and upgrade PDS software for clients

Suirbhé Muirí :

We have a 7m rib and a 14m survey vessel for subsea survey, diver operations, water sampling, archaeological work, safety inspections and more.

Water Sampling